Modular Mobility System

The ProbotModules™ were represented first time in ICRA 2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The history of the ProbotModules™ started in 2005 when one of the founders of Probot Antti Tikanmki decided to re-think the mobile robotics by the basis he had learned during the over 15 years of experience on the area of outdoor robotics research and modular software architecture. The resulted innovation is now available for the developers and endusers in a form of ProbotModules™ . Beside offering the building blocks for the DYI end-users, Probot offers you also the turnkey -option for easily achieving your real-world applications! Fast, reliable and affordable modular mobile robotics!

MobilityModule™ 2000

Easy to use - Set up framework for the robot, attach the MobilityModules., Boot the ProbotOS., define the robot configuration and you are ready!
Applications - Research experiments, agriculture, environment measurement and mapping, security, search and rescue
Simple safety - Weather protected modules are safe and simple to use.
Advanced control - Adjust everything (Duty, velocity, torque, acceleration, jerk,...) with automatic adaption for payload changes
Smart Power - Built in battery pack for long term operations with smart power management is easily expanded.
RobotCAN compatible - CAN-bus designed for modular robotic systems by Probot

FrameModule™ selection (Coming soon!)

Probot FrameModules™ enables numerous combination for fast prototyping of robust and eye-catching frameworks for your mobile robots. The FrameModule™ selection consists of real-world -tested building blocks to be used easily side-by-side with industrially standardised aluminium profiles.



Probot in ICRA 2013: